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I'm really a contacts girl, but trying to be more of a glasses girl.

I'm really a contacts girl, but trying to be more of a glasses girl.

About Me

In Italian, “Scarpino” means "little shoe maker" which is how I got my start as an assistant shoe cobbler.

As a cobbler, I became obsessed with the materials, the craftsmanship, and the smell of grinding leather.  Driven to learn more about the footwear industry and functional design, I attended Pensole Footwear Design Academy.  I focused on Color and Material design in the 2017 Vibram course and 2018 ASICS Tiger x Footlocker competition. Prior to Pensole I earned a B.A. in Architectural Studies and a B.A. in Studio Arts from the University of Pittsburgh.

My education coupled with my love of color, patterns, and textures has led me to work in design centered roles in Wedding and Special Events industry for the past six years. As an event designer and stylist, I worked directly with clients to make their vision come to life through strategic color and material selections, pitches, and installations.

When I’m not professionally making, I’m putting some miles on my running shoes, designing for non-profits, listening to 99% Invisible design podcast, or trekking through a new foreign colorscape.

I recently relocated to Portland, Oregon to bring my function-focused CMF storytelling and communication design to the footwear industry. Also, I love this city!